On Saturday, 5th September, Insignia unveiled its store on Main Zamzama. With Eid just around the corner, Insignia will quickly become an important store in the lives of Karachities.

Insignia, a high-end footwear and accessories brand, aimed to provide a collection for the complete Karachi-lifestyle. They link together tradition and modernity and have given the audience a collection worth investing in. Drawing inspiration from all over the world, each design is individually crafted with unmatched intricacy; they are a work of art and Insignia the painter.

The right footwear and accessories make you stand out yet feel comfortable and confident. Insignia identified this need and created a collection which has a wide variety of footwear; flats and sandals for the office, as well as sleek and elegant footwear for parties and weddings.

The ribbon cutting ceremony for Insignia’s new store was performed by the elegant Zeba Bakhtiar. This followed the fashion presentation in which models, such as Kiran Butt, wore Insignia accessories (clutches, handbags, footwear).

The footwear range, which is Insignia’s pride and joy, included options for all kinds of occasions; jeweled high-heels to metallic toned to sleek nudes, strappy sandals to ones with colored stones, and peep-toe pumps amongst various others.

Their clutches and handbags, although a limited range, showcased traditional designs.

The models walked the runway with celebrity Rabab Hashim, who wore a regal Zainab Chottani piece. She was a vision of tradition and showed the audience a way to style themselves with Insignia’s accessories.

Noted guests include Nausheen Shah, Amna Malik, various socialites and bloggers.

The PR and Event for Insignia was handled by Phegency PR & Events  

 Daud Khan & Friend Amna Malik & Nausheen ShahAtiq & UroojEmanCEO Insignia Mr Huzaifa Guests Haroon Huzaifa (2) Huzaifa (3) Huzaifa with guests IMG_3642 IMG_3645 IMG_3647 IMG_3652 IMG_4045 IMG_4130 IMG_4218 IMG_4284 IMG_4432 Irfan Kiran Butt (2) Kiran Butt Kiran Iqbal Kiran Maham (2) Maham & Eman (2) Maham & Eman Maham Javed Maham Mina & Turab Mr. Huzaifa with staff Nauheen Shah & Usman Mazher Nighat & Mahrukh Nighat Aizi Pheby Haroon, Amna, Huzaifa & Nausheen Shah Raba Hashim Rabab (2) Rabab (3) Rabab Hashim (2) Rabab Hashim with models (2) Rabab Hashim with Models Rabab Hashim Rabab with models Rabab, Kiran, Zarmeena, Maham &E Rabab, Zarmeena, Kiran, Maham & Eman Rabab Rana Asif, Urooj, Nighat, Uroosa, Irfan with Guests Samra Muslim Uroosa& Mudabir Usman Mazher Wajeeha Mustafa with Friend Yusra Eijaz (2) Yusra Eijaz Zahid, Mudasir, M Danish & Turab Shah Zarmeena (2) Zarmeena & Pheby Zarmeena Zeba & Huzaifa (2) Zeba & Huzaifa Zeba & Nausheen Zeba & Pheby Haroon Zeba Bakhtiar (2) Zeba Bakhtiar & Huzaifa Zeba Bakhtiar & Rabab Hashim with models Zeba Bakhtiar, Nausheen Shah & Rabab Hashim with models Zeba Bakhtiar Zeba Huzaifa & Pheby Haroon with Phegency Team.