The Base Rock Café, Karachi, continued its tradition of supporting music and the arts by organizing a lecture and demonstration about Qawwali in October. Well-known writer and musicologist, Ally Adnan presented a detailed lecture on the origin, evolution, performance and art of qawwali. Ghayoor Moiz Mustafa Qawwal and Party demonstrated the various genres and forms of qawwali described and discussed by Ally Adnan in his lecture.



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The young qawwals represent the thirty-second generation of qawwali singers and trace their ancestry back to the original singer of qawwali, Saamat Bin Ibrahim. The highlight of the event was the enthusiastic participation of the audience, which included musicians, academics and music lovers. Attendees included Faheem Azam, Omair Ali Qawwal, Sharif Awan, Noor Akbar Chishti, Dr. Hassan Aziz and many others.



Write-up: Jam Yasir

Photographs: Ammar Sharif and Yaseen Lakhani