Renowned Dubai Based Make Up School Takes First Place

Dubai, June 2016:The Lipstick Make Up Institute has taken first place at this year’s World Beauty Championships for Fashion Hairstyle, Fashion Make Up and Fashion Look.

Hand-picked from over 200 applicants to represent the UAE by The World Beauty Congress UAE National Director Dr. Mansoor Al Obeddli, The Lipstick Make Up Institute team travelled to Baku, Azerbarjan for the internationally renowned competition, winning first place returning to the UAE victorious. This was a historical occasion as the UAE has never entered this competition so the victory was even sweeter when The Lipstick Make Up Team came back with the First Place Trophy.

Founded by professional photographer and industry expert Yasmin Hussain, The Lipstick Make Up Institute forms the sister company to successful photography studio – YH Studios. Formed to represent the connection between media and make-up in a stylish, fashionable and unique way; the institute boasts un-parralled choices for those wishing to launch careers in make-up artistry or beauty fans looking to enhance their knowledge of the industry.

Commenting on the event,Hussain said, “We are so proud to support the region and represent the UAE at an international level. We couldn’t be happier to have won and I want to thank my wonderful and super talented team! We hope to return to take the title once more next year.”

Working alongside Yasmin, is master make-up professional and make-up educator Livia Rideg, both artists have over 25 years’ experience in the industry and have translated their expertise into a series of workshops. Livia’s illustrious career has seen her work with fashion designers, celebrities and professional models across the globe, her unique style, touch and creativity sets her apart in the world of make-up.

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