This is my first ever OUAI product and I love that it works both ways on wet and dry hair. I have straight hair, can’t lie that I have never been good in getting that beach waves look but seems this spray is effective in holding the curls for quite a few hours also I have noticed that it add a little texture to my hair. Got the mini one from Sephora, its perfect for travelling and worth the price.


As it says the spray is supposed to protect the hair from heat but I have found that it does hold the curls in place too for extended duration. It is quite easy to use, can cover all areas of hair and has a scent (which I don’t like) but it surely prevent hair breakage which is caused by heat appliances and does’t leave my hair greasy. 


I have recently added this into my routine as I have been dealing with hair damage. Applying it right after hair wash really helps to ease out tangles and prevent breakage. I haven’t found this giving somewhat of shine to my hair but yes it does add texture and make the them look smooth. Plus it have mild scent which I love !